Welcome to our MakeSpace ‘Step-Up’ Project

The MakeSpace ‘Step-Up’ project is Charnwood Arts’ weekly craft based creative arts group for adults, designed to foster creativity for wellbeing. The ‘Step-Up’ project builds on the success of our arts in mental health projects RawArt and MakeSpace, which are projects that deliver quality arts in mental health activities targeting people who experience severe and enduring mental health problems.

The project

The aim of the ‘Step-Up’ project is to provide opportunities for individuals to progress their individual art practice as well as provide a safe creative environment where they can work together to engage in making hand-crafted saleable items. The sale of items made by project members will help to fund the project so that we can continue to provide the safe creative environment and continue to help participant-artists achieve their creative goals. Activities will take place within the MakeSpace group every Wednesday 1-3pm and will concentrate on co-production of products like hair scrunchies, patchwork, notebooks, greetings cards, limited edition fine art prints and other items like tea towels. Designs for cards, prints and tea towels will be produced during sessions. The project also aims to provide regular exhibition opportunities. Artist-makers will be supported throughout the process of conceiving and producing individual work. By taking part in the project you will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills, build self-confidence and improve wellbeing. Through the exhibition of artworks, sale of hand-crafted items at art fairs and local businesses artist-makers will be helping us to challenge mental health stigma in our community.

We will update you on our progress with regular blog posts, showing you what we have been making and how we make stuff. We also aim to provide instruction sheets in future, so that you can have a go at home. Keep checking back with us!

We are also currently looking for creative and enthusiastic participant-volunteers to join us in developing our creative journey. How you choose to take part is very flexible and the project is designed to support you in making the creative ‘Step-Up’. As well as being able to take part in the main MakeSpace craft group co-producing items to sell, there will be regular opportunities for you to create content for the project blog. Further to these opportunities you will also have the chance to volunteer, through skill sharing, running craft workshops, helping film and edit ‘how-to’ videos, photograph sessions, writing blog posts, assisting in the Emporium shop, and helping prepare work for exhibition and sale etc.

If you would like to get involved in the project, please email Jemma Bagley for more information: jemmab@charnwoodarts.com

Find us on Instagram #charnwoodartsmakespace

The project is delivered in partnership with BrightSparks: Arts in Mental Health Project, Charnwood Arts and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. The MakeSpace ‘Step-Up’ project is funded by the Henry Smith Charity.

The MakeSpace ‘Step-Up’ project will be further linked to the community through the Loughborough Wellbeing project shop, Emporium 57, which will stock cards, limited edition prints and original artworks developed as part of the MakeSpace project.


One thought on “Welcome to our MakeSpace ‘Step-Up’ Project

  1. Hi, just an idea: link up with parks with the name ‘queens park’ everywhere in the country to do an outside art event, a temp colourful tree weave on a chosen tree, linking up to make a decorated forest to include a story telling event ref: ‘the lorax’ by dr zeuss. Focus on appre of craft, nature and getting people to work together…best wishes, valx


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