The Corcoran Sisters Honoured in Loughborough

Following the energetic commemoration of the centenary of the initial success of the movement for universal suffrage last year a Green Plaque was installed in Loughborough on the 31st October 2019.  The latest award of a Plaque has been installed in Castledine Street in Loughborough to remember the Corcoran sisters who, both locally and nationally, fought for equality. The plaque is sitede where the sisters lived with their father in the early 1900’s.

Members of the Loughborough Labour History Group and Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteers campaigned for the plaque as an important recognition and remembrance of Kathleen and Nora Corcoran’s invaluable contribution to our shared right to vote.  Among the dignitaries in attendance were the Mayor of Charnwood and those who took a lead in the arts and heritage project co-ordinated by Charnwood Arts. The BBC were also in attendance to record the event.

Charnwood Arts worked with a number of other agencies and individuals to bring these hidden stories of bravery to the fore.  We have developed a book from the work of the Labour History Group and author Mike Shuker and a website that encompasses the valuable creative work and engaging history of the time.  

Please visit to find out more.

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