Charnwood Arts Comes Home


On the evening of Saturday 23 February Charnwood Arts, in collaboration with Fearon Hall Community Association, celebrated its very happy return to Loughborough’s historic Fearon Hall.

The audience in the packed theatre was entertained to an evening of vocal performances from Tara and Darcy Freeman, and George Stackhouse, who sang their own compositions as well as popular ‘covers’.

Hearing both Tara and Darcy’s elegant, haunting vocals and George’s roof-raising brilliance, the audience rightly wanted to show their generous appreciation. Charnwood Arts wishes these young people every success in their careers.

Psychicbread, the headline act, certainly lived up to their reputation. We knew we were going to hear something quite exceptional. Accompanied by the fusion of varied instrumentals and voices, lead man Mark Gwynne Jones and the band gave us performance poetry at its best. With drum, strings, keyboard, flute and echoing vocals, Mark’s work centred on individualism and identity. Thought-provoking and presented with great humour and laugh-out-loud moments.

The cabaret-style ambience contributed to the fact that Charnwood Arts with Fearon Hall Community Association have their thumbs firmly on the pulse of what makes Loughborough and surrounding districts a great place to live. Charnwood Arts is proud to continue to be at the centre of this town’s community arts vibe, still going strong after forty-three years. Readers can join Fearon Hall and Charnwood Arts Facebook pages for events updates.

Gabi Maffiola – Chair of Charnwood Arts

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